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Inneal Libbe Colonic

 Inneal Libbe Colonic
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    Inneal Libbe Colonic

    The History of the Libbe Colonic Machine

    The Libbe Colonic Machine, also known as the LIBBE (Lower Bowel Evacuation System), was invented by Australian naturopath and colon hydrotherapist, Susan King in 1999. King designed the device to be a comfortable and efficient alternative to traditional colon irrigation machines.

    How the Libbe Colonic Machine Works

    The Libbe Colonic Machine is a gravity-based system that uses warm, purified water to gently flush out the colon. Clients lie down on a comfortable table while a small rectal nozzle is inserted. The nozzle is linked to a long tube that connects to the LIBBE machine which continuously delivers purified water into the colon throughout the session.

    The Selling Points of the Libbe Colonic Machine

    1. Comfortable and non-invasive experience.

    2. Efficient and safe colon cleansing process.

    3. Promotes better digestion and nutrient absorption.

    4. Improves overall colon health.

    5. Provides relief from constipation, bloating, and gas.


    The Steps Involved in a Libbe Colonic Session

    1. Consultation with a licensed colon hydrotherapist.

    2. Preparation of the machine and sterilization of equipment.

    3. Informed consent and explanation of the process to the client.

    4. The client lies down on the table and the therapist inserts the rectal nozzle.

    5. The therapist starts the machine and delivers purified water into the colon.

    6. The client relaxes while the therapist monitors the water pressure and temperature.

    7. The waste is released into a closed system and is not visible to the client.

    8. The session ends after 30-45 minutes and the client is given time to rest and recover.

    Who Needs a Libbe Colonic Machine Session?

    1. Individuals suffering from chronic constipation or bowel irregularities.

    2. People with digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

    3. Anyone experiencing symptoms of bloating, gas, or indigestion.

    4. Those looking for a natural, non-invasive way to improve overall colon health.

    5. People interested in detoxing and cleansing their body.

    The Applications of the Libbe Colonic Machine

    1. Health and wellness centers.

    2. Spas and retreats.

    3. Medical clinics and hospitals.

    4. Fitness and sports facilities.

    5. Alternative and holistic health practices.

    If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of the Libbe Colonic Machine and live in the Miami area, please contact us via email, WhatsApp or leave a message on our website to schedule an appointment.

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