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Unsa ang Home Colonic Irrigation Machine?

Unsa ang Home Colonic Irrigation Machine?
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    Home Colonic Irrigation Machine Home Colonic Irrigation Machine Home Colonic Irrigation Machine


    The Descriptions of Natural Therapy Colonic Irrigation Machine:

    Natural Therapy Colonic Irrigation Machine, also known as colon cleansing or colonic irrigation, is often practiced as a form of alternative medicine. The claimed purpose of the procedure is to remove toxin, lose weight, prevent diseases, relieve constipation, promote general health and well-being.
    It is known that such procedure commonly involved the use of “Colonet Colonic Machine” , which are medical devices originally intended for bowel preparation before radiological or endoscopic procedures.
    The client generally lies down on the hydrotherapy bed and the filtered constant temperature water is pumped through the rectum via a tube. Fluids and waste are expelled through another tube. A large volume of fluid, up to 60 litres would be introduced into the colon via the rectum. The procedure may be repeated several times.

    The Features of Natural Therapy Colonic Irrigation Machine:

    1. With drawer and cabinet
    2. Dependable and safe operation
    3. Completely closed system
    4. Built in disinfecting system
    5. Water pressure regulator
    6. Water Lines with connections

    7. Pressure and temperature controlled with safety features

    8. Accurate, adjustable temperature control and shut down valve

    The magical effect of intestinal hydrotherapy:

    ?Improve constipation, acne, abdominal distention, diarrhea

    ?Improve headache, insomnia, halitosis and body odor

    ?Improve uric acid too high

    ?Improving physical abdominal obesity

    ?Improvement of triglyceride in blood and poor peripheral blood circulation.

    ?Improve dark spots and rough skin

    ?Strengthening liver and kidney function

    ?Avoid improper medication and avoid blind health care.


    Home Colonic Irrigation Machine Home Colonic Irrigation Machine Home Colonic Irrigation Machine Home Colonic Irrigation Machine Home Colonic Irrigation Machine


    ?Not oral,no enema

    ?Not ignorant, not stinking

    ?No dependence

    ?Does not destroy the flora and mucous membranes

    ?The row is thorough, the row is comfortable

    ?No side effects

    ?Privacy and honorability

    ?Health and wellness programs meet the national “Healthy China 2030” planning outline




    If you are looking for an effective way to cleanse your colon at home, a home colonic irrigation machine may be just what you need. This device, also known as a colon hydrotherapy machine, helps you flush out toxins and waste from your colon using water.


    The History of Home Colonic Irrigation Machines

    The practice of colonic irrigation has been around for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Egypt and Greece. However, it was not until the 20th century that the use of modern machines for colon cleansing became popular. Karon, home colonic irrigation machines are widely used as a safe and convenient way to promote colon health and improve digestive function.


    How Does a Home Colonic Irrigation Machine Work?

    A home colonic irrigation machine works by introducing warm water into the colon through a small tube inserted into the rectum. The water helps to soften and loosen any waste or debris that may be stuck in the colon, allowing it to be flushed out through the tube and into a collection tank. The machine uses advanced technology to regulate the temperature and pressure of the water, ensuring that the procedure is gentle, safe, and effective.


    The Sell Points of Home Colonic Irrigation Machines


    1. Safe and hygienichome colonic irrigation machines are designed to provide a safe and hygienic way to cleanse the colon without the risk of infection or injury.

    2. Convenientyou can perform the procedure in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you, without the need to visit a clinic or hospital.

    3. Effectivehome colonic irrigation machines are highly effective at removing waste and toxins from the colon, promoting better digestive health and overall wellness.


    The Steps Involved in Using a Home Colonic Irrigation Machine


    1. Assemble the machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

    2. Fill the water tank with warm, filtered water.

    3. Attach the tubing to the machine and insert the rectal tip into your anus.

    4. Turn on the machine and regulate the flow of water to a comfortable level.

    5. Relax and allow the water to flow into your colon for several minutes.

    6. When you feel the need to evacuate, release the water into the collection tank

    . 7. Repeat the process until the water runs clear.



    Who Needs a Home Colonic Irrigation Machine?

    A home colonic irrigation machine may be beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their overall digestive health. It is particularly useful for those who suffer from constipation, bloating, or other digestive problems. It is also recommended for people who are looking for a safe and effective way to detoxify their body and improve their immune system.

    The Applications of Home Colonic Irrigation Machines

    1. Health and wellnesshome colonic irrigation machines are commonly used to promote better digestive health and overall wellness.

    2. Detoxification – the procedure can help to remove harmful toxins and waste products from the body, promoting better immune function and reducing the risk of disease.

    3. Weight losscolon cleansing can help to jumpstart weight loss by eliminating excess waste and facilitating better nutrient absorption.

    4. Anti-agingregular colon cleansing can help to improve skin health and reduce the signs of aging.

    5. Chronic illnesspeople with chronic illnesses such as autoimmune diseases or inflammatory bowel disease may benefit from regular colon cleansing to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

    6. Pre- and post-surgerycolon cleansing may be recommended before and after certain surgical procedures to reduce the risk of infection and promote healing.

    In conclusion, a home colonic irrigation machine is a safe, convenient, and effective way to promote better digestive health and overall wellness. If you are interested in purchasing a home colonic irrigation machine, please contact us via email, WhatsApp, or leave a message on our website.

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